Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Janome Sew Mini...perfect for paper crafting??

A couple years back at a Scrapbook Expo in Utah, I purchased that little Provo Craft sewing machine to add stitching onto my paper crafts. Well, it never did work. I started to look around and most of the research I did, showed that this little machine was one of the best in it's price range. It has quite a few different stitches, too! So I ordered it a few weeks ago and just got it on Monday! I haven't had time to use it...yet. But I'm hoping that this weekend, I can try it out!


Georgiana said...

Can't wait to see some projects with stitching on it. I tried once or twice and my lines were all over the place. Would love some tips!

Carson's Creations

girlia said...

Well I hope you have better luck with it this time around. I will be looking forward to what you will create.

Michelle said...

can you give me more info on this like how much was it where didya get it and most important does it work good? lol
Ive been looking in the stores but cant find anything small but a pink singer with 1 stitch
thanks girl

Jeanne said...

Sure Michelle! I can't tell you if it's good yet. All I've had time to do is open the package! I'm going to try it out tomorrow. I got it from Home Depot finally. I looked everywhere and it was always out of stock. It was $58.96 with free shipping. :)